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Welcome To Petro Vector Co.

Petro Vector is a leader in renewable energy infrastructure with more than 10,400 MW of its own power installed over 16 countries across 5 continents.
Petro Vector has extensive oil and gas exploration and production operations around the world. In 2017, we produced 2.6 million barrels per day of oil-equivalent. Petro Vector has an exceptionally strong portfolio, with key operations in the world’s most important oil and gas regions. We are one of the largest producer of oil and gas in Kazakhstan and Thailand, and we are the top crude producer in Indonesia. In Australia, Petro Vector is the largest holder of undeveloped natural gas resources. We are among the largest holders of deepwater acreage in West Africa and hold the most leases in the combined Shelf and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. We are working aggressively to capitalize on recent discoveries. These projects are strategically located in regions with some of the greatest growth potential in the world.

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we’re helping meet the world’s growing demand for energy

We’re leaders in working in extremely difficult environments, and we have major operations in some of the world’s most important oil and gas regions. Our Upstream business combines innovation and the effective use of technology to maximize mature fields, discover new resources and meet the world’s growing demand for energy. Through targeted investments and a consistent focus on operational excellence, we are developing the next generation of legacy producers.

Providing Energy for Progress

Exploration is essential to our business. Our focus areas are the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico, offshore Western Australia, West Africa, and shale and tight resource plays in the United States, Canada and Argentina. In 2021, we plan to drill 25 exploration and appraisal wells worldwide. Our technological capabilities are constantly evolving to meet new challenges and play a pivotal role in bringing new resource opportunities and proved reserves into production through major capital projects. Our robust project portfolio is poised to bring significant new resources to global markets.
Our robust project portfolio is poised to bring significant new resources to global markets which individuals can invest in through crypto.

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Our expertise

. exploration & production

Heavy Oil: Applying our heavy oil technologies, we aim to recover billions of barrels already discovered, yet historically beyond reach. After 50 years of pioneering in the field, our investment in advanced processing technologies has dramatically increased recoverable reserves.

. Refining

Our global refining system manufactures fuels and other products sold by our marketing, lubricants, and supply and trading organizations under the www.petrovector-ltd.com® and different other brands.

In all our work, operating safely, reliably and with a commitment to protecting the environment is among our top priorities. We’ve recently completed major upgrades in several of our refineries and have implemented a loss prevention system at our facilities. This behavior-based safety system is designed to help strengthen our culture of injury-free and incident-free operations while providing a base for strong, competitive performance.


Transportation is an essential part of our operations. www.petrovector-ltd.com Pipe Line Company and www.petrovector-ltd.com Shipping Company manage safe, reliable, flexible and efficient systems that deliver energy to our customers around the globe.

. Supply & Trading

we supply the best products to the right locations at the right times
www.petrovector-ltd.com Supply and Trading (S&T) provides a critical link between the market and www.petrovector-ltd.com’s upstream, downstream and chemicals companies. We provide commercial support to our crude oil and natural gas production operations and to our refining and marketing network. S&T is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices worldwide – including trading hubs in Houston, London, Singapore and San Ramon, California. Our trading professionals manage commodity transactions averaging 5 million barrels of liquids and 5 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day. Our activities are organized by crude oil, natural gas and refined products.

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From upstream exploration and production to midstream transportation, power and trading to downstream manufacturing and retail, each of our businesses work in concert across virtually every facet of the energy industry. Guided by The www.petrovector-ltd.com Way, we rely on our global resources, determination and ingenuity to meet today’s complex energy challenges.


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